Mobile Phones Of The Future

A decade ago, smartphones were regarded as the future. This future is our here and now. These smartphones have continually evolved and innovated ever since they were created.

True to this pattern, we have already seen a lot of futuristic features embedded in our devices and there are more to come. This is what they will look like in the future.


Facial recognition

Facial recognition has had promising results already. Apple was not the first to employ it, but it did most definitely set the bar for facial recognition security. It is safe to assume this trend will be carried on by other companies in the near future. We can already see it in motion. Very soon, facial recognition will become a staple as more and more consumers get a taste of this form of Artificial Intelligence.

Bezel-less phones

An ongoing battle to have the greatest display to body ratio can be seen in mobile phones. Companies are aiming towards 18:9 ratio; many have launched this display size already this year. Apple is on the top rungs since it offers an impressive 19.5:9 ratios with its iPhone X.

This bezel-less talk has been going on for quite some time and we think it’s something that will be quite common in the near future. Bezel-less seems to be the way to go.

With this in mind, we think under the glass fingerprint sensors will also be common, eliminating the bottom part of the phone completely by replacing it with the display.

Digital payments

Plastic money replaced paper money; now we think paper money will be replaced by digital money. The change can already be observed as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay has already hit the streets. Availability of this feature will encourage people to go digital.

On the same note, we can also expect voice-based payments to the future of going digital.

Durable and foldable displays

One of the most fragile parts of a smartphone is its screen. With even the most seemingly insignificant impact sometimes, these fragile glass screens seem to shatter. Mobile phone companies are already toying with more durable glass, for example, the sapphire glass.

There has also been news about experimentation with self-healing glass; perhaps breakable glass screens will be a thing of the past soon?

More on this particular topic, we also think foldable displays could also be a thing in the future mobile phones. In fact, in China, Samsung has launched a high-end flip phone. It is only available there for now but maybe we could see it in our markets in the future.

Wireless charging

As companies search for better battery and charging options, wireless charging becomes the new boy in town.  There are solutions available in the market for wireless charging, already. We can expect to see more cable-charging free mobiles. This attraction is understandable since wireless charging is fast and efficient.