The Best Mobile App Marketing Campaigns For 2018

The growing usage of mobile phones have changed the methods of marketing. The marketers around the world are now preferring using app marketing campaigns to help the businesses introduce their products and services to a larger number of audiences. According to a survey, it was estimated that the rate of mobile app marketing is expected to shoot up to $42.2 billion by the end of 2018, and the greatest part of the revenue will be generated through display advertisements.

In this article, we will discuss the types of mobile Ad marketing campaigns offered by mobile marketing companies to benefit the businesses.

Video Ads

The experts believe that Video Ad Format may have the chances of getting more fame and engagement in the future. The main reason is the material that is more interesting and catchy than any other type of Ad. The video Ads gain more attention of the viewers and thus turn out to be a great part of marketing campaign. How are these ads used in mobile apps? Well the video Ads or video commercials are played in mobile apps to promote a product or services and this is how mobile app marketing agencies earn revenue by accepting these video advertisements.

App Wall

The app walls are actually in-app interstitial that is made up of more than one app with advertisements appearing simultaneously. If mobile app marketers choose to implement these app walls in the app, so they can generate good amount of revenue. But they must make sure that advertisements shown in the app are related to those what audience are willing to watch.

Incentivized or reward Ads

This type of ads allow the users win coupons or rewarding points by simply downloading their apps or in-app activities. Such type of ads are usually found in gaming apps to make them more interesting and engaging. By making these ads a part of mobile app marketing campaign, you can attract more audience and increase app engagement.

Ads in the form of Icon

There are some ads which are displayed in the format of home screen icon. The marketer can promote the brand by integrating this format of advertisement in mobile applications. In this Ad, a sponsored icon appears on the home right at the moment as it is downloaded by the app user.


Banner Ads

The Banner Ad for mobile apps are undoubtedly one of the most common types of ads offered by the mobile Ad marketing company. The mobile banner ads show up either at bottom or at the top of the screen of the app. such ads are good source of communicating with the targeted audience in no time thus the mobile app marketer needs to make sure that the content of these ads is effective enough to deliver the message. These banner Ad enable the brand to communicate with their targeted audience and tell them about the product or services without annoying them with lengthy product description and useless exaggerated content.