The Lies about Chocolate Diamond® Jewelry

The Lies about Chocolate Diamond® Jewelry

Chocolate Diamonds® have been all the rage recently. The average colorless diamond ring would cost around $6,000, at the very least. But Chocolate Diamonds® are fairly inexpensive in comparison. Besides being beautiful and pleasing, most of them are priced from $1,000 to $5,000 which is below the standard engagement ring price.


Chocolate Diamond® jewelry contains natural fancy colored diamonds that are chosen for their rarity and chocolate flavor. They have clarity and color, all the while being cost effective. However, there are many lies surrounding Chocolate Diamonds® jewelry and its nature.


Chocolate Diamond® Jewelry Is Too Expensive

Brown diamonds have been the most common form of diamonds that were originally used mainly for industrial purposes. Their functionality had nothing to do with aesthetic or design. So when they became a form of jewelry there were some issues. There are claims that say that the prices of Chocolate Diamonds® jewelry should not be so high. Jewelers who sell them are even called swindlers and thieves.


While it is true that there are low clarity and poor colored brown diamonds, this is not a very considerable percentage. These low quality diamonds are a small token from the rarer chocolate ones. The latter ones have been considered 10,000 times rarer than average white diamonds.


One Type of Chocolate Diamond®

Le-Vian has provided that the entire concept of Chocolate Diamonds® was invented to differentiate the high quality ones and the low quality brown diamonds. There are sharply colored and good quality Chocolate Diamonds® sourced from Argyle diamond mines to make jewelry. At the same time there are some cheap, poor quality diamonds available on eBay that are completely different in nature. This has ultimately led to the value and rarity of the higher quality diamonds being questioned and they have been unfairly grouped with the lower quality stones, thus resulting in even more affordable rates.


“Diamonds Are Forever”

The saying “diamonds are forever” has been around for many a decade. It was created mostly to stop people from selling their diamond jewelry to make a profit. White diamonds do last forever but marriages don’t. So if you’re emptying your bank account to please your spouse chances are you’re wasting your time. The symbolic concept of buying jewelry is now being reverted to what it actually is. The need to buy a white diamond has subsequently corroded with more and more people going for colored diamonds. Chocolate Diamond® jewelry is thus in demand due to its quality and affordability. The jewelers even enable you to personalize the pieces according to the taste, style and character of your partner.


You Can’t Sell Your Diamonds

Reselling your Chocolate Diamond® jewelry leads to a reduction in its original value. Location matters when you’re purchasing your jewelry, some locations will overprice the pieces. Jewelers want to earn their share when considering a resale and make a profit. So while it will be difficult to resell your Chocolate Diamond® jewelry from the same price, it is not hard to sell it. Used cars and used diamonds have the same ideology: used mean decrease in value.


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