Are Chocolate Diamonds® Responsibly Sourced?

Are Chocolate Diamonds® Responsibly Sourced?

Diamonds are sourced from mainly two places: deep underground the earth’s surface in ancient formations or in riverbeds and the ocean floor. A great majority of diamonds are found in Africa, where they are in deep-earth mines as well as alluvial beds. Chocolate Diamonds® however, are found mainly in Australia, Brazil and the Congo. The Argyle Diamond Mine is the most prominent source of these brown diamonds. They take millions of years to form and even more time to be discovered.


Most mines employ cutting-edge technologies that dig deep into the earth’s surface. They are owned and operated by huge corporations, like De Beers. Such industrial mining companies perform this digging by hand, by individuals. This is where it becomes an issue of ethics.


Important for Your Business

The idea of responsible diamond sourcing lies at the very heart of any ethical business. There is a particular journey of a Chocolate Diamond® from being rough to polished, and care should be taken to ensure that this is all happening within responsible business practices. It is important to keep the protection of the natural world in mind since it is the ultimate source of our diamonds. Thus, there are ways to ensure that each Chocolate Diamond® is natural, untreated and conflict free, and to make sure that the habitats of the natural source is preserved and protected.


“Conflict Free” Chocolate Diamonds®

There are jewelers that offer “conflict free” diamonds which basically means that these are diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized governments. A large number of these diamonds, Chocolate Diamonds® included, are tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation, and other ethical conundrums. These ethically sourced diamonds come from some of the world’s largest suppliers. The difference between their mining is that it is in accordance to the strict standards of environmental and social responsibility. The workers have fair wages and operate under safe conditions. The profits made from selling these Chocolate Diamonds® in turn helps their countries promote sustainable development and eventually invest in community infrastructure.


Further Concerns

Despite making sure that mining is done under the best circumstances possible, it can be hard to spend a few grand on Chocolate Diamonds®. Then there are additional concerns that the diamond could have funded a far off conflict, or even contributed to human rights abuses. The idea that it comes from unfair labor practices or has harmed the environment while being extracted can lead to a longer decision making process. To combat this, a transparent certification process should be introduced to give peace of mind to a consumer.


Responsible and Ethical Chocolate Diamond®s®

It is important to be rest assured that the components of your Chocolate Diamond® of choice have been responsibly sourced. It is vital to know where your product is coming from and some brands have made sure this is the case. While addressing human rights, labor rights, and environmental impact any mining practices should be monitored and noted for ethical faults. Further, brands should work with industry leaders to maintain and continue their efforts of making sure the Chocolate Diamonds® are responsibly sourced. Once there is a committed community to these standards this will lead to more awareness about everyone’s corporate responsibility towards the earth.


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