Changing your look by coloring your hair can pretty amazing experience. It enhancing your personality and boosts your confidence.  Change of color reflects your mood. If you feel like doing crazy hair makeover you can go for neon pink or other crazy combinations. And if you miss your old hair color you can always get it back the same dye again. Of course, changing your hair is a risk and there are as usual some myths that might distract you from taking this step. Let’s have a look at those myths and see if there is truth in them. 

Myths with facts  

Myth 1: Colored hair looks dull. 

This fact can’t be denied that in some cases dyes do give bad results, but that not at all means that your hair color will make you look dull. Many hair experts have their haired colored and that makes them look extremely attractive and their hair looks natural. It only depends upon the kind of hair color product you are using and who is applying hair color on you. To get good hair color and by professional then you can book your appointment in the nearest salon on salon app. So with the right professional and product, you can rock any hair color. 

Myth 2: The dyeing process takes an entire day. 

People have been discouraged by the myth that hair color requires a whole day. This is not what it looks like. Yes, to ensure the color effect might require an afternoon of your day but applying hair color only need 30 minutes.  And if you want to save more of your time then by using hairstylist app you can book your appointment in advance in the nearest salon around you. 

Myth 3: Dyeing your hair can strip away your volume 

Actually, it’s quite opposite as the lighting agents used in a hair color swell your cuticle, so every strand of your hair gets thicker and voluminous. Swelling is kind of good thing for hair as the more the hair shaft swell, the easier it gets for the color to stay. 


Myth 4: You need to color your brows to match your hair 

That’s not the truth at all. As the ladies around the world prefer a little contrast in their hair and eyebrows color.  Darker or natural eyebrow go better with your face. 

Myth 5: You can wash your hair right away after dyeing your hair 

Never! I repeat Never do that! When your hair is colored the cuticles are exposed to absorb the hair color. At least wait for 72 hours so your hair can fully absorb and lock the color in your hair.  

Tip: Don’t go to the swimming pool until two weeks as the chlorine in the swimming pool’s water can literally damage your hair color. 

Myth 6: You don’t need a special shampoo for color treated hair 

It is again a big fat myth. There is no such requirement of using specially created shampoo formulas for your colored hair. 


Now you totally know all the facts behind the myths about hair coloring we have been hearing our all lives.  

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