Five Highly Efficient App Marketing Strategies

Five Highly Efficient App Marketing Strategies

Mobile app marketing has undergone drastic transformations in recent years. The craze of mobile marketing is here to stay. With more than half of the U.S. population using mobile phones and about 10 million apps in the app store, the competition is fierce. The need to keep up with the growing market needs is more than ever before. With such dense competition, it comes off as no surprise that every app developer is putting in tireless efforts to market the app efficiently. But with increased competition, apps face massive challenges of achieving discoverability, user retention and ultimately ROI.

A successful mobile app marketing plan requires more than just catchy social media strategies, strong creative units, and strategic media buying. Efficient mobile app marketers possess a laser-like view on right targeting, acquiring and retaining customers. For beginners, here are five tips to help you market your app in a way that not only loyal customers are acquired but retained too.

Create goals for loyal app users

What constitutes a loyal user will depend from app to app and this identification will form the basis of your marketing and business goals. Defining the metric before stepping onto the bandwagon of launching the app is imperative. You must determine the expected lifetime value per user in an effort to set accurate cost per customer target.

Promote the app using multiple platforms

There exist numerous types of traffic sources when it comes to apps: ad networks, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using just one medium to promote your app restricts the horizon of your app. Use as many platforms to market your app as you can.

Promote on Facebook

Promoting on Facebook must a part of your marketing plan. Ads on Facebook are not only cost-efficient, but they also tend to generate a higher number of loyal and engaged users. A great number of viewers on Facebook turn out to be the most loyal customer.

Track post download activity

As your marketing campaign is running, it is imperative to track the user’s post-download activities. This will assist you in pinpointing which specific traffic sources and campaigns are bringing about the best outcomes; not only in terms of downloads but in terms of revenue as well.

Direct attribution for the best result insight

Ad tracking marks as an exceedingly important tool in every mobile ad campaign. When being able to attribute downloads, app marketers enjoy first-hand insight that drives business and brings out ROI.

Closing Remarks

Mobile app marketing strategy can never be a guessing game. Proper facts and figures must be put in place to design a strategic marketing plan that takes the app to the next level. Competing successfully in this turbulent world of today is a challenging task. By deploying these tested tactics, apps can achieve highly effective results with their mobile app marketing that not only fulfill business objectives but acquire large bases of loyal customers. Deploy these workable app marketing tactics and witness your app skyrocket!


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