You may have heard of the saying ‘diamonds are a girls’ best friend’ and rightly so! Girls drool over diamonds and there is possibly nothing that makes a girl happier than a diamond. Girls love the shiny appearance of the diamond and love flaunting the diamond in their friend’s circle. While every girl out there loves having a diamond, not everyone can afford it. Luckily for them, there’s a beautiful and cheaper alternative to white diamonds: chocolate diamonds!

Chocolate Diamond- Is It Even Worth It?

Extracted from the Argyle mine in Australia, chocolate diamond is the new trend everyone is raving about. These diamonds come in dark hues of brown and are famous for their unique color, their stunning designs, and their affordable price. Chocolate diamond jewelry is slowly and gradually taking the place of other diamonds. An endless number of people are seen flaunting these colored diamonds even at their weddings. A-list celebrities are also seen wearing these diamonds on big and small events, premiers, etc. Since these diamonds are moderately priced and come under everyone’s budget, they are likely to replace all other types of diamonds even in giant diamond stores worldwide.

What’s Unique About Chocolate Diamond?

Girls are crushing over this type of colored diamond because they add a touch of extravagance to their style and persona. Let’s look at some of the factors that make chocolate diamond pieces irresistible.

  • Different Color

The uniqueness that Le Vian’s jewelry carries makes them appealing and desirable. This type of diamond usually comes in a different shade of brown that makes it universal to be worn with almost everything. The mother company Le Vian termed these diamonds as chocolate diamonds because of their chocolaty color which appeals to every woman out there.

  • Unique Styles

A plethora of designs are available at the Le Vian corporation. It is their specialty to provide bespoke and stunning jewelry designs that leave everyone mesmerized. Their design team creates pieces after thorough market research for new trends and styles.

  • Affordable Pricing

When you are getting a diamond to be worn on your special event without spending a fortune, it’s a win-win situation. This type of colored diamond is available in stunning designs and that too, at an affordable price. Since these diamonds are found in abundance in Australia, they are not as rare as other diamonds.

  • Celebrity Endorsement

On multiple occasions, brown diamonds are endorsed by celebrities making this type of diamond even more wanted.

Stunning Bespoke Jewelry To Set Your Style Apart!

We know how you love to keep up with the changing fashion trends of the world and want to shine bright! With Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry, you can be the fashionista that you want without costing you a bank account. Promising vows over a diamond and making your girl happy has become more affordable with this ever-green type of colored diamond. Le Vian creates breath-taking jewelry that can add value to your style statement.


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