Difference between Email Verification & Email Validation

Difference between Email Verification & Email Validation

There is a lot being said about the significance of developing an email lists for marketing. Every day sales teams are striving hard to encourage visitors to provide their email address in exchange of freebies, information, registration or other privileges.

Importance of Email Addresses for Sales and Marketing

A well maintained list of email is a treasured resource for sales and marketing. It stands to reason that you should have the right email verification service for your email lists. With such a list in hand, sales person can turn soft leads on to hard sales.  Various promotional offers, clickable content, and newsletters delivered into inboxes of prospects can help generate more traffic and more sales eventually. Additionally, it ca help enhance site visibility.

Still, there are many companies unaware of the advantages of email marketing and honestly they are missing out this prevailing communication tool. Without any doubt, social networks are another powerful communication tool; doing extremely well, but compared to email marketing it isn’t as profitable and effective. If, we compare cost to sales generation between social media and email marketing, the difference is huge and email marketing wins the game.  According to experts, conversion rate of email marketing is 3 times more as compared to social networks. Only thing that may discourage your from using this powerful channel is base building. Email marketing can show wonders if you have qualified contact base.

Different between Email Verification and Email Validation

It is important to note that your marketing and sales strategy may fail if you have invalid and incorrect email addresses.   Furthermore, it can bring bad name to your business, hurt your reputation and you may also get search engine penalties.  In short, quality of email is essential. When we talk about clean email list, people get confused between email validation and email verification.

Remember, people type their email address many times every day.  Over the time they tend to get faster and less accurate which eventually leads to inputting invalid email address.  There are people that misspell their own email address, type two letters instead of one or mistakenly add symbols – all of this eventually leads to useless email addresses. Here comes the email validation, it is a process that catches typos like these. Through email validation you can catch both honest and purposeful mistakes.  Email validation help reduce human error for sales and marketing people.

On the other hand, email verification is little complex when compared to email validation. Email verification helps verify if there is actual recipient receiving emails. It is a process that helps you identify if the email account is functional.  This process ensures correct delivery of your email.  Email verification service provides a range of advantages. Whether you are an enterprise developing email list for future marketing or individual hoping to boost generate leads and boost sales.