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We all know eating is important for our health and well-being. But what about the timing to eat? Specially if you work out? As a matter of fact, eating healthy and clean is equally important as exercising. While many of the exercise apps focus on recording exercise, very few focuses on both simultaneously. We know how your busy routine doesn’t allow you to research and ponder over what to eat before, during and after workouts. Therefore, for your ease, we have prepared a list of practical recommendations for what to eat before, during and post exercise.

The key is to eat a healthy, well-balanced and clean meal 2 hours before exercise and another healthy, well-balanced and clean meal 2 hour after the exercise. This way, most people can meet their workout nutrition goals without going overboard with planning.

Average people focus on quality & quantity

If you are exercising for general fitness, your goals are modest, and you do not possess any special physiological needs, then you need not worry a lot about timings. Your key focus must be on eating quality food in moderate quantity. Nutrient timings wont magically transform your body but will put you on a consistent track and make your body prone to healthy practice.

Let’s dig deeper into the breakdown of nutrition needs and what to eat to suffice those needs during pre-exercise, during-exercise and post-exercise times.

Pre-exercise nutrition needs

Before your exercise you’d want to eat something that keeps your energy levels up, boost performance, hydrate and preserve muscle mass.

What to eat

If you are a man, you might eat:

  • 2 palms of proteins
  • 2 handful vegetables
  • 2 thumbs of fat-full foods
  • 2 handfuls of carbs-dense foods

If you are a woman, you might eat:

  • 1 palms of proteins
  • 1 handful vegetables
  • 1 thumbs of fat-full foods
  • 1 handfuls of carbs-dense foods

During-exercise nutrition needs

You want to eat something during workout to remain hydrated, buck up performance, improve recovery and preserve muscle fat.

What to eat

If you are exercising for less than 2 hours:

  • Drinking plenty of water will do the chore for you if you are not exercising in heat or strength training.

If you are exercising for more than 2 hours:

Every hour you must consume

Post-exercise nutrition needs

Post-workout nutrition helps you to recover, rehydrate, refuel and build stamina.

What to eat

In between 0-2 hours after workout, men might eat:

  • 2 portions of protein
  • 2 handfuls of vegetables;
  • 2 handfuls of carbs;
  • 2 thumbs of fats dense food;
  • low-calorie beverage

And women:

  • 1 portions of protein
  • 1 handfuls of vegetables;
  • 1 handfuls of carbs;
  • 1 thumbs of fats dense food;
  • low-calorie beverage

Eating right is as important as exercising to stay healthy. Fitness apps such as My Fitness Pal allow users to record exercise as well as food, making the process of becoming healthy fun and easy.

The Best Mobile App Marketing Campaigns For 2018

The growing usage of mobile phones have changed the methods of marketing. The marketers around the world are now preferring using app marketing campaigns to help the businesses introduce their products and services to a larger number of audiences. According to a survey, it was estimated that the rate of mobile app marketing is expected to shoot up to $42.2 billion by the end of 2018, and the greatest part of the revenue will be generated through display advertisements.

In this article, we will discuss the types of mobile Ad marketing campaigns offered by mobile marketing companies to benefit the businesses.

Video Ads

The experts believe that Video Ad Format may have the chances of getting more fame and engagement in the future. The main reason is the material that is more interesting and catchy than any other type of Ad. The video Ads gain more attention of the viewers and thus turn out to be a great part of marketing campaign. How are these ads used in mobile apps? Well the video Ads or video commercials are played in mobile apps to promote a product or services and this is how mobile app marketing agencies earn revenue by accepting these video advertisements.

App Wall

The app walls are actually in-app interstitial that is made up of more than one app with advertisements appearing simultaneously. If mobile app marketers choose to implement these app walls in the app, so they can generate good amount of revenue. But they must make sure that advertisements shown in the app are related to those what audience are willing to watch.

Incentivized or reward Ads

This type of ads allow the users win coupons or rewarding points by simply downloading their apps or in-app activities. Such type of ads are usually found in gaming apps to make them more interesting and engaging. By making these ads a part of mobile app marketing campaign, you can attract more audience and increase app engagement.

Ads in the form of Icon

There are some ads which are displayed in the format of home screen icon. The marketer can promote the brand by integrating this format of advertisement in mobile applications. In this Ad, a sponsored icon appears on the home right at the moment as it is downloaded by the app user.


Banner Ads

The Banner Ad for mobile apps are undoubtedly one of the most common types of ads offered by the mobile Ad marketing company. The mobile banner ads show up either at bottom or at the top of the screen of the app. such ads are good source of communicating with the targeted audience in no time thus the mobile app marketer needs to make sure that the content of these ads is effective enough to deliver the message. These banner Ad enable the brand to communicate with their targeted audience and tell them about the product or services without annoying them with lengthy product description and useless exaggerated content.

Difference between Email Verification & Email Validation

There is a lot being said about the significance of developing an email lists for marketing. Every day sales teams are striving hard to encourage visitors to provide their email address in exchange of freebies, information, registration or other privileges.

Importance of Email Addresses for Sales and Marketing

A well maintained list of email is a treasured resource for sales and marketing. It stands to reason that you should have the right email verification service for your email lists. With such a list in hand, sales person can turn soft leads on to hard sales.  Various promotional offers, clickable content, and newsletters delivered into inboxes of prospects can help generate more traffic and more sales eventually. Additionally, it ca help enhance site visibility.

Still, there are many companies unaware of the advantages of email marketing and honestly they are missing out this prevailing communication tool. Without any doubt, social networks are another powerful communication tool; doing extremely well, but compared to email marketing it isn’t as profitable and effective. If, we compare cost to sales generation between social media and email marketing, the difference is huge and email marketing wins the game.  According to experts, conversion rate of email marketing is 3 times more as compared to social networks. Only thing that may discourage your from using this powerful channel is base building. Email marketing can show wonders if you have qualified contact base.

Different between Email Verification and Email Validation

It is important to note that your marketing and sales strategy may fail if you have invalid and incorrect email addresses.   Furthermore, it can bring bad name to your business, hurt your reputation and you may also get search engine penalties.  In short, quality of email is essential. When we talk about clean email list, people get confused between email validation and email verification.

Remember, people type their email address many times every day.  Over the time they tend to get faster and less accurate which eventually leads to inputting invalid email address.  There are people that misspell their own email address, type two letters instead of one or mistakenly add symbols – all of this eventually leads to useless email addresses. Here comes the email validation, it is a process that catches typos like these. Through email validation you can catch both honest and purposeful mistakes.  Email validation help reduce human error for sales and marketing people.

On the other hand, email verification is little complex when compared to email validation. Email verification helps verify if there is actual recipient receiving emails. It is a process that helps you identify if the email account is functional.  This process ensures correct delivery of your email.  Email verification service provides a range of advantages. Whether you are an enterprise developing email list for future marketing or individual hoping to boost generate leads and boost sales.

Mobile phones of the future

A decade ago, smartphones were regarded as the future. This future is our here and now. These smartphones have continually evolved and innovated ever since they were created.

True to this pattern, we have already seen a lot of futuristic features embedded in our devices and there are more to come. This is what they will look like in the future.


Facial recognition

Facial recognition has had promising results already. Apple was not the first to employ it, but it did most definitely set the bar for facial recognition security. It is safe to assume this trend will be carried on by other companies in the near future. We can already see it in motion. Very soon, facial recognition will become a staple as more and more consumers get a taste of this form of Artificial Intelligence.

Bezel-less phones

An ongoing battle to have the greatest display to body ratio can be seen in mobile phones. Companies are aiming towards 18:9 ratio; many have launched this display size already this year. Apple is on the top rungs since it offers an impressive 19.5:9 ratios with its iPhone X.

This bezel-less talk has been going on for quite some time and we think it’s something that will be quite common in the near future. Bezel-less seems to be the way to go.

With this in mind, we think under the glass fingerprint sensors will also be common, eliminating the bottom part of the phone completely by replacing it with the display.

Digital payments

Plastic money replaced paper money; now we think paper money will be replaced by digital money. The change can already be observed as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay has already hit the streets. Availability of this feature will encourage people to go digital.

On the same note, we can also expect voice-based payments to the future of going digital.

Durable and foldable displays

One of the most fragile parts of a smartphone is its screen. With even the most seemingly insignificant impact sometimes, these fragile glass screens seem to shatter. Mobile phone companies are already toying with more durable glass, for example, the sapphire glass.

There has also been news about experimentation with self-healing glass; perhaps breakable glass screens will be a thing of the past soon?

More on this particular topic, we also think foldable displays could also be a thing in the future mobile phones. In fact, in China, Samsung has launched a high-end flip phone. It is only available there for now but maybe we could see it in our markets in the future.

Wireless charging

As companies search for better battery and charging options, wireless charging becomes the new boy in town.  There are solutions available in the market for wireless charging, already. We can expect to see more cable-charging free mobiles. This attraction is understandable since wireless charging is fast and efficient.

Benefits of using a delivery app

There is a delivery app for everything.

A grocery delivery app for all your day to day needs and mundane items? Check.

Liquor delivery app for that party you are throwing tonight? Check.

Food delivery service app? Check.

Flower delivery app? Check.

The list could go on and on because there is a doorstep service for everything. The best delivery app is such that is inclusive of everything and offers on demand delivery app services to their users.

This technology is made with a single primary goal in mind. A goal that drives every other marketing and sales effort: Customer’s ease so that more and more people opt for it.
With this in mind what does a user have to gain from downloading an all inclusive delivery medium on their phones?

Save time

How many minutes of office lunch breaks daily, have been squandered on going to the eatery nearby, ordering and waiting?

What if this time could have been saved and utilized in a better way like having a relaxing lunch or taking a walk in the nearby park for a breath of fresh air? Enter a food delivery service. Having the best meal delivery service will mean you can get food right on time and save precious lunch break minutes before getting back to the task.

Ease and efficiency

Having anything you would want to have has this obvious benefit: ease of access. A package delivery app will bring you to from a range of options and deliver purchase to your doorstep. For example, you can get 24 hour food delivery in Detroit from here. You may be sick and not feeling up to the herculean task of making yourself comfort food, or too busy to take out time for a particular purchase from the retail store you have been meaning to make. Either way, a service providing Detroit delivery (or wherever you reside) would be of insurmountable help.

Save fuel

Purchases are rarely made from a single shop. Sometime the shops run out of your desired item, or they simply don’t have it. It is difficult to find every brand you want under one roof. Moreover, visiting multiple stores can be difficult on not just the budget but make the shopper tired too.  A deliver it all service may save fuel and your energies in the long run.

Great healthy alternatives only a tap away

If there is one thing that trumps food delivery apps over all others is the variety of alternatives they provide. Vegan, non veg, lactose tolerant, lactose intolerant, allergic, gluten free, organic, homegrown, – any and every food type and lifestyle can be catered to in one single app.

A host of healthy food alternatives and selections can potentially be quite literally a single tap away in your mobile phones.

With all these benefits listed download the best food delivery app right away!